Straddling the North Atlantic Ridge at the point where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates clash, Iceland is one of the world‘s most seismically active and geologically unstable countries. Almost four decades of operating in this uniquely challenging environment has made EFLA a world leader in one of engineering‘s most complex and potentially life-saving disciplines, seismic design.

Among the recent major projects in which the company has played a key seismic design role are the concrete-faced 193 metre-high main dam for the Kárahnjúkar Hydropower project in Iceland‘s eastern highlands, the second phase of the high-rise Skuggahverfi redevelopment project in Reykjavík city centre, and a new suspension bridge spanning the Ölfusár river in the town of Selfoss, southern Iceland.

Harnessing this invaluable experience and technological expertise enables EFLA to furnish clients with a complete, one-stop range of seismic design and earthquake-related services, all aimed at providing the most effective, economic and safest solutions available in this highly specialised branch of engineering.

EFLA services 

  • Earthquake analysis using finitie element models  (FEM)
  • Seismic design using international standards
  • Performance based seismic design
  • Probabalistic hazard assessment
  • Earthquake base isolation design
  • Geotechnical assesments
  • Earthquake damage assessment
  • Design of structural repairs following earthquake damage
  • Structural reinforcement design resulting from alterations to buildings


EFLA seismic design projects
Main Kárahnjúkar hydropower project dam,  Skuggahverfi district redevelopment project Phase 2, Reykjavík,  Austurvegur 33-35 high rise building, Auðhumla warehouse complex, Ölfusár suspension bridge, all Selfoss, south Iceland, assessment and damage estimates of several structures following south Iceland earthquakes in 2000 and 2008.



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