Regardless of size, scale or location, every project requires a clearly defined, effective and customised management process spanning every stage of its implementation, and results-driven project management has been a key factor in every aspect of EFLA operations since the company's foundation.

For almost four decades, EFLA has designed and managed construction projects all over the world, facing widely differing conditions and challenges. In doing so, the company has developed experienced project leaders, highly skilled support staff and proven control systems that today form the company's Project Management Division.

Working closely with each client, the EFLA project management team provides the full range of consulting services required to ensure that every project fulfils its specified aims and goals, by coordinating requests, implementation and the contribution of all
those involved in it.

Flexible both in nature and implementation, EFLA project management services may involve the supervision and organisation of an entire project from start to handover, or the management of specific factors within it.

In addition, the company's breadth of experience, expertise and knowledge have also served to make EFLA a leader in the field of construction method improvement and structural maintenance.

Whatever the nature or scale of the project, every aspect of its management bears the hallmark of EFLA's unswerving commitment towards delivering on plan, on time and on budget.

EFLA project management services include:

  • Construction management and supervision
  • Feasibility studies
  • Needs analysis
  • Costing and planning
  • Annual and Life time cost of buildings, LCC
  • Preparation of tender materials and contracts
  • Facility management and maintenance
  • Improvements
  • Project management


Director - Project Management
Julius Karlsson

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Fax: +354 412 6001

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