EFLA engineering consultants did fire technical design and acoustical design for a sports hall in Asgard Garðabæ. The building is 3,440 m2, the client Bæjarsjóður Garðabæjar, designer architectural studio Arkitektur.is that also received the cultural awards given by the newspaper DV.

EFLA Engineering used a specialized program for the calculation of fire development and smoke movement to find an optimal solution for fire protection and at the same time ensure the safety of people. Extensive calculations were made for evacuation of people to design the best escape routes and ensure the safety of people.


The acoustical design goal was to ensure reverberation time, suitable for each room, regarding its size and function. Acoustical 3D models were set up for spaces with the room acoustical software Odeon. All main surfaces and interior was modelled, including floor mats and gymnastics equipment, in order to simulate the acoustics in reality.


All interior objects in the lobby were also defined in a model, for acoustical design. Acoustical design was conducted in close collaboration with the architects, to achieve favourable mergence of acoustics and aesthetics.


Asgard's diverse facilities for sports. The new building consists of gymnastics on the one hand and an area that connects the centre sport such as swimming pool, handball hall, gym hall, etc. The house is used for multiple sports with access for primary school students, child care and elder community.
Here is a well-resolved solution to combine different sizes of existing and new building parts.


Congratulation Arkitektur.is with the award.