EFLA joint venture with Innovation Centre Iceland.

ortolvu NMI


The Industrial division at EFLA has been a participant in the project "Innovation in existing companies" organized by the Innovation Centre (NMÍ). The project aims to promote innovation within existing companies by providing assistance from NMÍ experts, combined with a 2.5 million ISK fund to develop a new product or service.


At the start of the project, processes and opportunities for innovation are identified by the company and development project mapped up. At the end of the project the company is expected to not only have develop a new product or service for the market, but also increased their knowledge base and skills in the field of innovation for future use.


The Industrial division at EFLA seized this opportunity and many exciting ideas sprung up. EFLA's employees also saw this as an opportunity to learn new techniques in the field of project management and business development, presented by NMÍ experts.


The competition was fierce and many good ideas were added to the company's knowledge base. The front-runner was a solution related to microcontrollers and instrumentation technology, which comprises of a new, simple and comprehensive solution in metrology. The service simplifies implementing long-term or short-term measurements for companies, without having to invest in expensive data equipment. As well as displaying the data in a user-friendly way, anywhere in the world from a computer, phone, tablet or PLC.


For further information regarding the project contact Símon Elvar Vilhjálmsson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Picture of the project team-members, from left: Björgvin Rúnar Þórhallsson/EFLA, Pálmar Jónsson/EFLA, Hannes Ottósson/NMI and Torfi Þórhallsson/NMI. Missing from the picture Símon Elvar Vilhjálmsson/EFLA.