Power Security

Having helped to rebuild the French transmission grid, EFLA is one of few parties certified by national grid operator RTE to carry out reinforcements of existing power line structures.


In the wake of two hurricanes in the late 1990s that resulted in substantial damage to the existing system, French authorities decided to increase the safety level of the country’s domestic power distribution grid.


Since many existing structures failed to fulfil the demands of the revised safety regulations, it was necessary carry out comprehensive reinforcements to a significant proportion of system.  EFLAS’s extensive experience in the field of high voltage transmission utilities made EFLA the service provider of choice for the project.

Services include: 

  • Upgrading and maintenance of the French national power transmission grid
  • Replacement of power line structures
  • Reinforcement of existing structures


As the company’s stake in the French market continued to grow, Hecla, a company owned by EFLA, Landsvirkjun power and key employees, was founded in Paris 2001.