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Covering everything from occupational safety to protection from natural disasters, probably no aspect of engineering attracts as much public attention as the environment in its many aspects and forms.

Decades of front-line experience in the management and implementation of several large-scale projects in some of the world’s most environmentally sensitive and geologically unstable areas provide EFLA with the high level of expertise and knowledge required to address these demanding issues and deal with them using the most efficient, practical and cost-effective means possible.


Environmental consultancy 


Above and below ground, the EFLA Environment Division provides clients with trustworthy professional consulting on the full spectrum of environmental concerns, urban and rural planning, nature protection, geotechnical engineering and geology.

Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach covering a large number of widely differing service areas, EFLA provides a high level of expertise covering fields such as life cycle assessments, environmental impact assessments, environmental management, waste treatment, wastewater treatment and tunnel construction.

Comprised of a highly qualified and experienced team of experts in engineering, technology, geology, chemistry, geography, biology, environmental sciences and planning, the EFLA Environment Division combines the latest software solutions with cutting-edge consultancy services, research and surveys.

Backed up by the services of the company’s dedicated in-house laboratory for environmental monitoring and research, and an on-going programme of geotechnical research, this ensures that the team achieves an optimum level of professionalism in every aspect of its operations, while developing sound, practical solutions that address the needs and concerns of each client and the general public alike.


EFLA Environment Division services include


  • Environmental engineering
  • Environmental management
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Planning
  • Nature Conservation
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • GIS and geodesy
  • Occupational safety
  • Natural disasters
  • Landscaping



Director - Environment
Helga Jóhanna Bjarnadóttir

Tel: +354 412 6000, +354 412 6109
Fax: +354 412 6001
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