Business Development is a staff division implementing the Company's executive and marketing divisions and companies associated with EFLA on the market. The division operates both within Iceland and in foreign markets in conformity with the Company's policy, as applicable in each case.

The work of the division is aimed at assessing, improving and implementing promising business ideas that arise and can be of advantage to the coalition, the company, and associated companies. The work shall at the same time support internal organization and increase strength in the domestic market not less than abroad, and shall open and develop business in new markets.

The main goal is to strengthen the present operations of the coalition and come up with new operational centres within Europe, from the Nordic countries and Russia south to Turkey, with the main emphasis on basic infrastructure and power plants. This applies, among other things, to traditional consulting about design ,project management and project supervision.

The work of Business Development includes development of projects that utilize renewable energy sources. Development entails utilizing natural resources, preparatory work and design, and networking, in addition to ownership and implementation of projects.



Director  - Business Development
Hafsteinn Helgason

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Fax: +354 412 6001,

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